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Keith Todoroff


Mr. Todoroff has thirty-Four plus years of up through-the-ranks experience including a thorough knowledge of the pre-construction process, design phase, construction and post construction process. (Architectural PD,SD, DD,CD, B/N, CA and project closeout). 


He has extensive background in design and construction of single family and multi-family projects ranging from modest homes to 30,000 SF estates.


His comprehensive background in restaurant design and branding, commercial design, construction management and general contracting for, hospitality, retail, light commercial and institutional projects make him an invaluable team member.


He has decades of experience in building code interpretations, zoning ordinances, site planning, master planning and office operations.  His technical knowledge in and integration with planning commissions and city council operations ensure projects comply with all locals municipal regulations and codes as projects progress through the design and construction lifecycle.




JOHN CANNON HOMES, INC, Sarasota, Florida                       2005 – 2008

Director of Architecture & Design

Mr. Todoroff was hired to create an Architectural department to offer professional in-house, authentic custom, architectural design solutions for their clients in the exclusive communities with in Sarasota and Tampa. Mr. Todoroff built a staff of 24 qualified professional designers and production staff.  With his leadership and strict attention to detail, his staff design over 192 - multi-million dollar homes. Mr. Todoroff met with every client to develop their unique homes. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of his success.


Additionally, Mr. Todoroff is responsible for the creative designs for over 11 new model homes which were built in exclusive neighborhoods of the greater Sarasota and Tampa markets. Nine of the eleven model homes received design excellence awards from the Home Building Association of Florida.


Mr. Todoroff was commissioned to design a 30,000 square foot home under roof which became the largest home in Sarasota and Manatee counties. The home is located in the exclusive Concession, a golf gated. In 2015 the sold for $18 million dollars.


DOMA Construction, LLC, Sarasota, FL                                    2005 – 2021

Founder and CEO

Mr. Todoroff was responsible for the design and construction of numerous commercial tenant build-outs spanning from Naples to Orlando and the Tampa metro areas. His work includes, commercial office space, retail & restaurants.

DOMA Construction, LLC, Port Huron, MI                               1995 – 2005

Founder and CEO

Doma Construction built homes ranging from 2,500 square feet to over 10,000 square feet in size with customer satisfaction as his hallmark.


DOMA Construction, LLC, Newport Beach, CA                        1990 – 1995

Founder and CEO

Mr. Todoroff established General Construction practice to construct projects ranging from multimillion-dollar oceanfront condominiums, interior design of commercial office space for medical, dental and real estate firms as well as the design of storefront and tenant improvement designs for shopping malls along the coastal communities.



Registered Professional Architect, State of Florida: AR92053

Registered Professional Architect, State of Michigan: 34215

Registered Professional Architect, State of California: C-29427

Registered Professional Architect, State of Maryland: 20405

Registered Professional Architect, State of Texas Number: 21083

Registered Professional Architect, State of Indiana: AR10700196

Registered Professional Architect, State of Illinois: 001.020253

Florida Interior Design License: ID4871

Michigan Interior Design License: 90253

California Interior Design License: Inactive

Certified General Contractor, State of Florida: CGC1507921

Commercial Builders License, State of California Number: C-513468 (inactive)

General Builder License, State of Michigan Number: 29656 (inactive)

Member National Council of Architectural Registration Board Certified (NCARB) 37,985

Member American Institute of Architects, Florida Chapter: 18330




                     The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

                     Degree Major: Professional Practice and Management

                     Minor Emphasis: Architectural Design

                     Graduated with Distinctions



                     Lawrence Institute of Technology, Southfield, Michigan

                     Degree Major: Architectural Design

                     Minor Emphasis: Environmental Planning and Design

                     Graduated with Honors



                     Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

                     Major:  Undergraduate Architectural Studies



Member International Code Council (ICC)

Member American Institute of Architects- (AIA)

Member Construction Specifications Institute- (CSI)

Member International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

Member National Council Architectural Registration Board- (NCARB)


Past Member Construction Association of Michigan- (CAM)

Past Member Building Officials & Code Administrators International (BOCA)

Past Member South Eastern Michigan Building Officials and Inspectors Association- (SEMBOIA)



Past Worth Township Building Board of Appeals

Past St. Clair County Building Board of Appeals

Past Croswell/HDC Main Street Design/Planning Committee-Chair person

Past St. Clair County Community College, Architectural Advisory Committee










































CROSWELL WESELEYAN CHURCH - Croswell, Michigan                         $ 1,600,000.

Design a new multi-purpose addition to include indoor sports, offices,

serving kitchen, storage, classrooms, banquet, theatre and daycare

Approx. 16,000 square feet.


FOSTORIA BAPTIST CHURCH – Fostoria, Michigan                                 $ 2,780,000.

Design a multi-purpose room to include kitchen, catering, restrooms.

Approx. 13,000 square feet. (Design Consultants to OEC Associates)


COUNTRY SIDE FREE METHODIST CHURCH – Sandusky, Michigan        $ 2,800,000.

Design a new fellowship hall, class rooms, entry and office space.

Approx. 22,500 square feet. (Design Consultants to OEC Associates)


GOOD SHEPHARD LUTHERAN CHURCH – Cass City, Michigan                    $80,000.

Design a Bell Tower to serve as a monument at the entrance of the Parish.


ST. EDWARDS ON THE LAKE CHURCH – Burtch Twp., Michigan              $2,600,000.

Design a new “Father Hogan Community Center” to include indoor sports,

offices, serving kitchen, storage, classrooms, banquet, theatre, Library

and Computer Lab.

Approx. 18,000 square feet.


HILLSIDE WESELEYAN CHURCH – Clyde Twp., Michigan                        $ 2,200,000.

Design a new multi-purpose building to include indoor sports, offices,

serving kitchen, storage, classrooms, banquet, theatre, indoor rock climbing.

Approx. 18,000 square feet.


KAATZ FUNERAL HOME – Richmond, Michigan                                       $ 2,400,000.

Design of a new funeral home with state of the art facilities

Approx. 16,000 square feet.


MARLETTE CEMETERY CHAPEL – Marlette, Michigan                                $ 120,000.

Design of a new non-denominational cemetery chapel to be used during

inclement weather and evenings. Orientation of the building with serene

views of the park. Constructed of timeless materials.

Approx. 1,600 square feet.


ANGEL HOUSE – Dearborn, Michigan                                                        $1,800,000.

Design/Build a new facility to include classrooms, sitting rooms, bathrooms and

an interior courtyard, Dewar room, library, conference rooms, guest

quarters w/ views to the interior courtyard.

Approx. 12,600 square feet.










CANTINA TUSCANA RESTAURANT –  Sarasota, Florida                               $750,000.

Design the interior of the restaurant to reflect the

atmosphere of authentic Tuscan Mediterranean cuisine.

Approx. 3,800 square feet.


ELIE’S RESTAURANT – Birmingham, Michigan                                           $1,650,000.

Re-design/Build the interior of the restaurant to reflect the

atmosphere of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Approx. 3,800 square feet.


FREIGHTERS RESTAURANT – Lexington, Michigan                                 $ 1,500,000.

Interior Design for a two story mixed use facility with restaurants, banquet facilities,

retails stores and specialty shops.

Approx. 32,000 square feet.


THE SHEIK RESTAURANT – West Bloomfield, Michigan                           $ 1,250,000.

Design/Build a new restaurant to accommodate authentic Middle Eastern

cuisine in a Middle Eastern design theme

Approx. 4,600 square feet.


TODOROFF’S RESTAURANT – Jackson, Michigan                                   $ 1,850,000.

Design/Build the prototype for a new fast food Coney Island restaurant Franchise.

Approx. 29100 square feet.


BISTRO 1882 – Port Huron, Michigan                                                           $ 375,000.

Design of an upscale restaurant in a historic building to create a

comfortable atmosphere to include a mezzanine, exposed brick and restore

the original hardwood floors.

Approx. 2,100 square feet.


MCMORRAN PLACE CONCESSIONS – Port Huron, Michigan                      $ 375,000.

Re-design/Build three concession stands in the facility promote a new

And increase kitchen efficiency.

Approx. 1,800 square feet.


LONDONS ICE CREAM PARLOR – Port Huron, Michigan                              $195,000.

Design/Build a new ice cream parlor in a 50’s theme.

Approx. 2,400 square feet.


SUITE DREAMS BAKERY – LIVONIA, Michigan                                            $250,000.

Design/Build a new bakery to serve Lebanese pastries in a Middle East setting.

Approx. 2,800 square feet.


AROMAS COFFEE HOUSE – Lexington, MI                                                    $95,000.

Design a new coffee house in a retro theme in the small

port boating community.

Approx: 900 square feet.






CHINA LEE RESTAURANT – Sandusky, Michigan                                         $390,000.

Design an addition to the Kitchen and dining hall to accommodate

the growing Chinese cuisine.

Approx. 1,800 square feet.


SUBWAY RESTAURANT – St. Clair, Michigan                                              $690,000.

Design a fast food restaurant under the specifications of Subway

Restaurants for the 1,200 sf end unit in a traditional shopping center environment.

Approx. 1,200 square feet.                                                                                         





MARLETTE FIRE HALL – Marlette, Michigan                                                   $900,000.

Design a new fire hall to accommodate 5 truck bays,

office and meeting rooms.

Approx. 8,000 square feet.


SANILAC COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION – Sandusky, Michigan               $ 1,500,000.

Design a new storage, garage and repair facility.

Approx. 18,000 square feet.



TANASKA ENERGY TRAINING CENTER – China Twp., Michigan              $1,000,000.

Design a new Township Hall to include offices and an Assembly Hall.

Approx. 8,000 square feet.


CITY OF SANDUSKY- Sandusky, Michigan                                                     $40,000.

Design a Bell Tower to serve as a monument at the entrance of the City.


MC MORAN PLACE – Port Huron, Michigan                                                 $ 350,000.

Design the three (3) concession stands and kitchens for improved

efficiency and esthetics.


ST. CLAIR COUNTY JAIL – Kimball Twp., Michigan                                 $ 45,000,000.

Consultants to the design of a new 650 bed jail facility and Sheriffs offices.

The facility is designed to house men, women and approx. 80 juveniles.

Approx. 165,000 square feet.


SANILAC COUNTY JAIL – Sandusky, Michigan                                       $ 15,000,000.

Consultants to the design of a new 256 bed jail facility and Sheriffs offices.

The jail is designed to house State and Federal inmates.

Approx. 56,000 square feet.


FORT GRATIOT TWP-DPW  BUILDING – Fort Gratiot Twp., Michigan        $ 1,800,000.

Design a new storage garage and repair facility to house 15 trucks.

Approx. 15,000 square feet.






CROSWELL FAIRGROUNDS - Croswell, Michigan                                         $ 85,000.

Design new public restrooms and a storage facility to an existing dining hall.

Approx. 900 square feet.





FOUR HUNDRED HAMILTON ROE - Birmingham, Michigan                       $ 8,000,000.

Design/Build a new Five (5) Story Office and penthouse condominium

project with subterranean parking. 

Approx. 30,000square feet.


ESSCO SQUARE CENTERLINE  - Centerline, Michigan                                 $ 500,000.

Design/Build the façade to reflect an upscale atmosphere conducive

to retail shopping.

Approx. 250,000 square feet.


PORT SANILAC AUTO SPA - Port Sanilac, Michigan                                    $ 800,000.

Design/Build a new Five (5) bay automatic car wash in a Log Home motif.

Approx. 3,500 square feet.


VIKING FITNESS CENTER & SPA - Marysville, Michigan                           $ 2,200,000.

Design/Build a new two story fitness center w/ a sports medicine and

cardiovascular fitness center and sports retail outlets.

Approx. 20,000 square feet.


SANDUSKY AUTO SPA - Sandusky, Michigan                                          $ 1,200,000.

Design/Build a new Five (5) bay automatic car wash in a Log Home motif.

Approx. 3,500 square feet.


STUDIO B – Port Sanilac, Michigan                                                              $ 560,000.

Design/Build a furniture store in the historic context of the village.

Approx. 2,500 square feet.


HULETT FARMER’S MARKET – Port Huron, Michigan                                 $ 375,000.

Design/Build a new facility for the sale of fresh farm produce.

Approx. 2,800 square feet.


ANGELS GARDEN – Lexington, Michigan                                                     $185,000.

Redesign/Build the interior of the historic retail store to include a new tin ceiling

and exposed brick and mortar walls. Include a new oak floor and an

opening to the lower level.

Approx. 1600 square feet


SANILAC COUNTY SPORTSMAN CLUB – Applegate, Michigan                      $75,000.

Design a new outdoor banquet facility and storage building.

Approx. 2,500 square feet







GREENIA BROTHERS SPORTS –Almont, Michigan                                      $725,000.

Design a new repair and storage facility for the power sports division.

Approx: 20,000 square feet.





SANDUSKY DENTAL OFFICE – Sandusky, Michigan                                   $ 750,000.

Design a new dental office equipped with 8 operatories.

Approx. 3,500 square feet.


PERIODONTAL OFFICE – Laguna Beach, California                                    $ 250,000.

Design a new periodontal office equipped with 3 operatories.

Approx. 1,100 square feet.


McKENZIE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – Sandusky, Michigan                            $ 250,000.

Design a new EMS Ambulance Garage to accommodate

Two (2) vehicles and support staff.


DECKERVILLE HOSPITAL– Deckerville, Michigan                                     $ 5,000,000.

Prepare a Phase I design study to include conceptual Architectural

Floor Plans and Exterior Elevations for a two (2) story – 46 unit Congregate

Care and Assisted Living Facility.


DR. MCLANE CHIROPRACTIC– Marysville, Michigan                                    $475,000.

Design/Build a new chiropractic office to accommodate eight (8) exam rooms,

Consultation rooms.

Approx. 3,600 square feet.


GARDEN CITY HOSPITAL – Garden City, Michigan                                      $425,000.

Design a new Ophthalmologist suite to include a surgical room, procedure

Room, visual field and testing room.





WIXOM INDUSTRIAL CENTER – Wixom, Michigan                                      $ 3,000,000.

Design/Build a new industrial building

Approx. 35,000 square feet.


GREAT LAKES LIMOUSINE – Port Sanilac Michigan                                    $ 500,000.

Design/Build a new body shop for the assembly of limousines.

Approx. 5,000 square feet.


CINNABAR ENGINEERING – Sandusky, Michigan                                       $ 700,000.

Design an addition to accommodate industrial paint finishing.

Approx.   4,000 square feet.






GARZELL INDUSTRIES – Romeo, Michigan                                              $ 1,650,000.

Design a new facility to accommodate High Hazard industries.

Approx. 18,000. square feet.


HARRELL INDUSTRIAL BUILDING – Romeo, Michigan                               $ 600,000.

Design a facility to accommodate Moderate and Low Hazard storage facility.   

Approx. 9,000 square feet.



ACHESON COLLOIDS – Port Huron, Michigan                                               $400,000.

Design a new building for the paining operations to include a new explosion

proof paint facility





THE OLD CROSWELL HOTEL – Croswell, Michigan                                  $ 1,600,000.

Re-Design/Build a 120 year old three story hotel. Convert the 14,000

square foot building into twenty – one and two bedroom apartment units.


THE VILLAS AT BLACK FOREST – Twp. of Port Huron, Michigan             $ 3,000,000.

Design a new single-family cluster condominium development

16 Cluster and attached upscale single-family homes.


BATES ACRES – Flint, Michigan                                                               $ 4,515,000.

Proposed design of a new single-family cluster development

To include 35 single-family homes.


RICHMOND CONDOMINIUMS – Richmond, Michigan                                   $ 915,000.

Proposed design of a new second floor 4 unit condo project.



A complete listing of Single Family Residences available upon request.


Timothy Del Vescovo, AAIA, ASID

Founding Principal

Becky Johnson, LEED AP

Interior Designer

Robert Steuber


Christine Smith

Interior Design Consultant

Keith's Headshot 01.jpg

Keith Todoroff


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